The Homeowner’s Guide to Fighting EAB Infestation In Denver

Denver will remember the Emerald Ash Borer beetle.

How do we know? Because the Emerald Ash Borer, or EAB as it’s often called, is already leaving a wide swathe of destruction from Michigan to the mountains of Colorado. Cities across the Midwest are already seeing the effects of this metallic-green menace. As one example, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis was home to over 800 ash trees that died because of the EAB’s impact.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Taking Care of Cottonwood Trees In Denver

Denver is home to a myriad of cottonwood trees.

Cottonwood trees are as much a staple of life in Denver as the Broncos, the Platte, and shoveling out of a spring snowstorm. Cottonwood trees are known for their massive trunks, rising canopies to well over 50 feet, even 60 feet in many cases, and releasing their telltale ‘cotton’ in the form of fruit from female cottonwoods.

Early to mid-June is when cottonwoods tend to release their ‘cotton’,

How to Protect Trees In Denver from Japanese Beetles


This is the time of year when many gardeners and folks who have a bit of a green thumb start getting excited about planning and cultivating there plants and gardens. As the weather begins to warm, we delight in seeing the fruits of our labor. The warmer weather also brings with it a nasty, little pest determined to feast on our fantastic flora.

As their name suggests,