How to Tell If IPS Beetles Are Attacking Your Spruce Trees In Denver


Whether they are in your backyard or in a forest, spruce trees are a truly beautiful and majestic part of the Colorado landscape. These blue, green beauties are truly a sight to behold. These trees are so beautiful Coloradans elected to make it our state tree.

Sadly, this Colorado symbol is under attack from a new pest. The IPS Beetle recently became a big problem for spruce trees across the Front Range.

When to Fertilize Your Trees and How Tree Fertilization Boosts Tree Immunity


Property owners who value their landscaping want their trees to grow in a healthy manner and look beautiful. You may think fertilizing routinely is the best approach and even seen your neighbors fertilizing. And yet, you might still be wondering if you should jump on the fertilizer bandwagon, “If they’re doing it, should I be doing it to?” Believe it or not, routinely applying fertilizer to your trees is rarely the best approach.

Why Your Trees Need Water In the Winter


Winter is officially here and that means plenty of snow across the Front Range, right?

Not exactly. Even if Denver and those glorious mountains receive a hefty load of fresh powder, it doesn’t always translate to the much-needed moisture our trees need to thrive. Colorado is a desert climate, which means our trees struggle to thrive more in Denver than most other cities across the U.S.

Did you know your trees need water during the winter months?