Why are your leaves changing color in the fall?

Fall in Colorado is a beautiful time to enjoy the crisp air, roast s’mores over a fire pit, and watch the leaves turn red and gold.

Do you wonder why leaves change color? Is it because they’re dying? You may be surprised!

Healthy leaves are usually green and flush with strength through the spring and summer months. As the weather turns into fall, the amount of daylight starts to shrink. We adjust our clocks for daylight savings,

Why you should hire a professional arborist (and not Bill the Lawn Guy)

Your trees and shrubs are valuable investments!

April showers in Denver don’t always bring May flowers. Sometimes they can bring May blizzards and severe thunderstorms! High winds and heavy snow can be a big factor in why your trees need some TLC after a recent storm. It’s tempting to try trimming and fixing your trees by yourself. It’s even more tempting to see some random tree company parked down the street and think,

How to create a fuller leaf canopy for mature trees

Trimming your leaf canopy is an important art for an arborist.

The bigger your tree canopy, the more light it can intercept for the photosynthesis process. A 2001 study by Kern County of almond trees planted in 1996 revealed that water saturation had the greatest effect on a tree’s canopy growth over both nitrogen and pruning. (Almonds.com) Of course, an almond tree is very different from an oak,