Are your cottonwood trees dying?

My cottonwoods are dying!

Cottonwood trees are dying all across the Denver area. Native cottonwoods are highly resilient and thriving in many Denver neighborhoods while hybrid cottonwoods are slowly dying in some of Denver’s older neighborhoods. What’s the cause for these dying cottonwoods and what can homeowners expect for the next few years?

Why your cottonwoods are dying

Denver experienced a significant frost this year on Mother’s Day. Many trees,

7 ways to reinvest your tax refund in your Trees and Shrubs

We’re huge fans of changing seasons here at Fielding Tree, but we’re also a big fan of Tax Refund Season!

April 15th has come and gone which means many of us are expecting a nice refund check from Uncle Sam. Reinvesting your tax refund back into your landscaping can add both beauty and value to your property. Here are seven ways you can put your tax refund to good use with trees and shrubs.

Trees and Shrubs Spring Cleaning Checklist

It’s mid-March here in beautiful Denver and that means spring cleaning for your trees and shrubs. You can give your trees and shrubs plenty of open, cleared-up space for future spring growth with just an hour or two of your time. Spring cleaning also helps remove potential disease and high-risk areas. Fielding Tree and Shrub Care has created our official spring cleaning checklist to help your trees and shrubs look their best for a new year ahead!