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The Homeowner’s Guide to Winter Watering for Trees and Shrubs In Denver

Winter Watering Tips for Trees and Shrubs

Your Christmas tree brings joy and beauty to your home for the holidays. Learn how to keep it, and all your trees, healthy and thriving with proper watering this winter.

A fire crackling in the hearth, stockings hanging on the mantle, and ornaments glistening on the tree- tis the season! The holidays are here and preparations aren’t complete until the Christmas tree is up.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Taking Care of Cottonwood Trees In Denver

Denver is home to a myriad of cottonwood trees.

Cottonwood trees are as much a staple of life in Denver as the Broncos, the Platte, and shoveling out of a spring snowstorm. Cottonwood trees are known for their massive trunks, rising canopies to well over 50 feet, even 60 feet in many cases, and releasing their telltale ‘cotton’ in the form of fruit from female cottonwoods.

Early to mid-June is when cottonwoods tend to release their ‘cotton’,

Why Your Trees Need Water In the Winter


Winter is officially here and that means plenty of snow across the Front Range, right?

Not exactly. Even if Denver and those glorious mountains receive a hefty load of fresh powder, it doesn’t always translate to the much-needed moisture our trees need to thrive. Colorado is a desert climate, which means our trees struggle to thrive more in Denver than most other cities across the U.S.

Did you know your trees need water during the winter months?