Get to know Gabe Fielding, Certified Arborist and Founder of Fielding Tree and Shrub Care

My name is Gabriel Fielding and I am the owner/operator of Fielding Tree and Shrub Care. I began working in the tree care industry upon completion of my four years of service in the United States Navy.

I learned the ropes of tree work in the mid-90s in Newport Rhode Island at Largess Forestry with Matt Largess. There I picked up the essentials of how to be a safe and efficient ground worker by assisting expert tree climbers in their daily tasks which included tree trimming and removal. In Rhode Island, I was fortunate to learn expert rigging and roping techniques from Brian Noyes, formerly of Aspen Tree Care in New Jersey.

Brian was trained by Mark Chisholm, a former International Tree Climbing Champion and expert in the field. The knowledge passed along from Brian has become the foundation of what Fielding Tree and Shrub Care is today.

We pride ourselves on knowing every aspect of a professional tree service, from shrub removal on the ground to a climbing specialist providing our tree pruning service at the top of the tree.

Professional Tree Service Knowledge for Good Cause

Fielding Tree and Shrub Care is proud to have been able to assist in relief efforts in Louisiana after hurricanes Katrina and Rita caused massive damage to property and left thousands powerless. There, we provided our tree removal service to many whose houses had suffered extensive damage due to fallen, damaged trees.

Using 50-ton and 100-ton cranes paired with the skills we use in our tree cutting service, we were able to remove trees that had fallen onto numerous homes. We encountered so many folks who were extremely grateful that we were able to help and we were proud to use our tree knowledge to at least partially restore some form of happiness in their lives.

Tree Service in Denver is Our Passion

Not only does the tree service industry allow us to assist people by beautifying their trees and adding value to their property, it allows for personal fulfillment as well.

Being able to climb trees for a living, hanging by a rope and breathing the fresh Colorado air is a great privilege. We get the rare opportunity to feel one with nature and get a bird’s eye view of freedom as we gaze on snow-covered peaks in the distance. That love, coupled with care, expertise, and a passion for tree service, are the ideals from which Fielding Tree and Shrub Care was born.

We ensure that our customers are happy by providing them with the most professional, knowledgeable, safe, and quality-driven tree service at the best possible price.