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How often should you water your Christmas tree?


Christmas trees are making their annual appearance in living rooms, front rooms, window displays, and yes, even dorm rooms around the world. Whether you’re a Douglas fir fan or a blue spruce believer, who doesn’t love that fresh smell of pine?! What we don’t love is seeing Christmas trees start to brown before Christmas Day.

So, how much water does an average Christmas tree need? Hmm… I wonder if someone knew a lot about trees could help us with that question.:)

How much water does a Christmas tree need?

How to find the perfect Christmas tree in south Denver

“We’re rockin’ around the Christmas tree…”

Admit it, you’re already humming along with Brenda Lee’s tune stuck in your head. It’s Christmas time in the Mile High City and you’re on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. You probably have plenty of questions about how to find a great Christmas tree in south Denver:

  • What type of Christmas tree makes my house smell the best?
  • What Christmas tree will keep its needles?

Where to find great firewood in Denver


Fall is a great season for bonfires and fireplaces to share their warmth. We hate seeing trees die, but we love seeing dead trees being used for the right purpose. Finding good firewood can be a challenge though and there are a few risks to keep in mind. Did you know that tainted wood for your fireplace or fire pit can actually cause a threat to your existing trees?

Firewood can carry a variety of diseases and bugs depending on how it’s stored.