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How Are Spring Pests Affecting Trees In Denver?

Denver is starting to thaw out and spring is upon us! That means getting out and prepping your landscape for spring and summer. You’re itching to get outdoors and enjoy all your favorite fair weather activities. Reading on the front porch, grilling out, and gardening are at the top of your list.

We aren’t the only ones ready to come out of hibernation mode. Spring pests are on the verge of waking and becoming active.

Fighting Fire Blight In Trees Across Denver

The Denver Post reported just earlier this year about the devastating widespread effects of fire blight on trees across the Front Range. Heavy hailstorms in the Denver area had one major unexpected consequence- the rapid spread of fire blight. Trees all over the community turned pitch black, looking as if they had literally been torched!

The bacterial ooze and dark cankers plaguing trees across the Front Range is attention-grabbing and alarming,

The Homeowner’s Guide to Emerald Ash Borer (EAB)

Boulder has been under quarantine since the arrival of EAB in 2013. But the Denver Post reports that just earlier this year the Emerald Ash Borer infestation spread to Lyons. Denver is not safe from the destructive path of EAB. Learn how these pests do damage and how to protect your ash trees before it is too late!

What Is the EAB and What Does the Emerald Ash Borer Do?