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The BEST Approach We’ve Found to Fertilizing Trees In Denver


Are you ready to take your landscaping to the next level? Give your trees and shrubs the nutrients they crave by applying the best new fertilizers! Watch them transform from lackluster into vibrant and lush greenery when spring arrives.

What Is Tree Fertilizer?

Tree Fertilizer is a compound of nutrients that are applied to trees to keep them healthy and strong. Typically, fertilizers capture nitrogen from the air and put it in the soil.

The Homeowner’s Guide to Tree Fertilization In Denver

Denver is a desert climate, which means your trees are starving for nutrients!

When people first move to Denver, there are usually a few early observations:

  • “Is it normal to feel like you’re going to die walking up a flight of stairs or is that just the altitude?”
  • “I can finally tell which direction I’m facing because of the mountains!”
  • “There is no humidity in Colorado.”
  • “My hands,

When to Fertilize Your Trees and How Tree Fertilization Boosts Tree Immunity


Property owners who value their landscaping want their trees to grow in a healthy manner and look beautiful. You may think fertilizing routinely is the best approach and even seen your neighbors fertilizing. And yet, you might still be wondering if you should jump on the fertilizer bandwagon, “If they’re doing it, should I be doing it to?” Believe it or not, routinely applying fertilizer to your trees is rarely the best approach.