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How Are Spring Pests Affecting Trees In Denver?

Denver is starting to thaw out and spring is upon us! That means getting out and prepping your landscape for spring and summer. You’re itching to get outdoors and enjoy all your favorite fair weather activities. Reading on the front porch, grilling out, and gardening are at the top of your list.

We aren’t the only ones ready to come out of hibernation mode. Spring pests are on the verge of waking and becoming active.

Should you prune your fruit trees in the fall?

Fall is the perfect season for s’mores, campfire ghost stories, and a steaming cup of apple cider. It’s also when many homeowners think of trimming their fruit trees.

One of the more common mistakes we see homeowners make is trimming their fruit trees while the fruit and leaves are still present. This creates extra openings in the tree’s vascular system that allows deadly diseases to enter. Too many beautiful fruit trees become the victims of blight and other diseases from poorly timed trimmings.

Why are there so many dead fruit trees in Denver?

“Why is my fruit tree dead?”

If you’re a homeowner in Denver and Douglas County, there’s a good chance you may be asking that same question. The Mother’s Day frost of May 10th wiped out a variety of fruit trees: apple, cherry, plum, and pear. If you have a fruit tree that didn’t bloom this year, there’s a chance it’s a victim of the frost and maybe even tree diseases. (CSU Extension Horticulture)

Fungal diseases in fruit trees

A sub-freezing cold snap like the Mother’s Day blizzard can weaken and shock a tree’s vascular system.