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How Do I Keep My Maple Tree Healthy and Happy In Denver?

Look along the Front Range and you will find maple trees are a mainstay in the Denver area. These majestic beauties come in many varieties and add rich color to the landscape. Find out if you have maples on your property and how to properly care for them!

Maple Tree Species Commonly Found In Denver

There are over 100 different species of maple trees! Different species thrive in different types of environments and many have become a hallmark of their geographical region.

Help Your Trees Recover From Winter Die-Off

Even in the midst of harsh weather, winter can offer some spectacular nature views. The beauty of the sun sparkling off of trees and shrubs coated and frozen in ice is a marvelous sight. But you’re snug in your coat, and trees are seemingly unprotected from the elements. An alarming thought occurs to you- Can trees freeze to death?

The short answer is no- whew!

The Homeowner’s Guide to Winter Watering for Trees and Shrubs In Denver

Winter Watering Tips for Trees and Shrubs


Care and Watering Tips for Your Outdoor Trees and Shrubs

Your Christmas tree lives indoors, but your outdoor trees need love this winter too! Why do I need to water my trees in the winter? It’s not hot outside. We tend to remember to water our trees when we feel like we need water- during the spring and summer months.