The Homeowner’s Guide to Preventing IPS Beetle Infestation In Denver

During winter months preying insects typically disappear from sight and it feels safe to let your guard down and take a break from tree and plant care. But signs of the IPS beetle may still be present. Learn more about this threat and how it could affect your trees.

The leaves have fallen, the air is chilly, and snow is arriving. This winter weather keeps us indoors catching up on a good book or our favorite Netflix shows.

The Denver Homeowner’s Guide to Winter Watering and Landscape Care

Christmas lights are up and temperatures are dropping. Winter is here! You might be ready to retreat indoors for a reprieve from the chilly weather, but what about your trees and shrubs? They are dormant, but they still have needs. Find out why winter watering is essential and how to give your plants and trees what they need to survive the winter.

Which Plants and Trees Need Special Attention During Winter?

The Denver Homeowner’s Guide to Winter Tree Trimming

The air is crisp and winter is coming! Landscape and garden projects may be far from your mind, but winter tree trimming is essential this season to prepare your trees to be healthy, happy, and strong come springtime. 

When is the Best Time to Trim Trees?

Spring and summer is when you get most of your best outdoor gardening and landscaping work done. The weather is nice enough for major projects and general upkeep and maintenance.