How Do I Grow a Healthy Spruce Tree In Denver?

Full-bodied, continually green-blue spruce trees are valued in Denver for many purposes. Their hardiness, vibrant color, and sturdy shape make them a go-to choice for residential and community landscapes. Learn how to identify different spruce varieties and how to help them grow strong and healthy!

Spruce Tree Species Commonly Found In Denver

Part of the Pinaceae evergreen tree family, there are 35 spruce species in total.

How Do I Keep My Cottonwood Tree Happy and Healthy in Denver?

Shady, ornamental cottonwood trees are a streetside staple in Denver. Learn how to identify different cottonwoods and how to help them grow strong and healthy in our Colorado climate.

Cottonwoods are one of the most common tree species in Denver and represent the largest native broadleaf trees in the state. These towering shady giants have become a major part of the local ecosystem, providing benefits for wildlife habitat,