Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle’s Impact on Denver

The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle continues to make its way across the U.S. leaving devastation in its path. This relatively small beetle is wreaking havoc in neighborhoods, parks, and communities. It’s believed the EAB first made its way into the U.S. as part of international shipping wood from China imported through Michigan.

Since its arrival, the EAB has destroyed virtually every ash tree in its path. As one example, the city of St. Charles, Illinois removed over 4,000 ash trees over the past ten years because of EAB beetle infestation. The city of St. Louis cut down over 800 ash trees surrounding the Gateway Arch Monument due to the emerald ash borer’s destruction.

Homeowners across Denver are already bracing for this sparkling metallic green beetle to take out any and all of our ash trees. Our Fielding Tree & Shrub Care team is working with Denver metro area homeowners and park service representatives to prepare ash trees for the Emerald Ash Borer beetle.

The EAB is undoubtedly one of the greatest threats to Plant Health Care that Denver is facing today. There are many questions and myths about the EAB that we hope to educate our customers about to be properly prepared to fight off the EAB:

When will the EAB hit Denver?

We believe the EAB will start making its mark on Denver in the next two to five years. Read our blog article about “Will the Emerald Ash Borer beetle hit Denver in 2017?”

What can I do now to protect my ash trees from the EAB?

We recommend feeding your ash trees to keep them healthy and give them a better chance of survival. As far as actual treatment to protect against the EAB, there are two types of treatment and delivery that have been proven to be effective:

  • Soil root injection to prevent EAB infestation: this is a two-year protection program that protects against EAB and Aphids only. The industry-standard cost is $10 per inch of DBH (diameter of the tree at waist height).
  • Direct tree trunk injection to protect against EAB infestation: This is a three-year protection that protects against EAB and Aphids. The industry-standard costs is $15 per inch of DBH. As mentioned earlier, a tree’s DBH is the diameter of the tree at waist height.

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