Tree Fertilization

Are your trees getting the essential nutrients they need to thrive in Colorado? Probably not!

Imagine if you never took a multivitamin or ate your veggies as a child. You would be starved of important nutrients that could help your body grow and be strong. Many trees around Colorado are left to grow on their own without the same types of vitamins. This leaves the trees weaker and more vulnerable to damage or disease.

Annual tree fertilization helps feed your trees the essential nutrients they need for healthy growth. Colorado’s soil structure is compacted and scarce of nutrients. Tree fertilization helps break up the hard clay allowing for more room for root growth. This is the most important factor for establishing trees and preventing stress.

Fertilization also supplies the nutrients missing in the high-altitude desert soil, nutrients that trees need to be healthy. Fertilization does not safeguard a tree from disease but it definitely increases a tree’s immunity to many diseases. A healthy tree is a strong tree. Tree fertilization along with proper watering is by far the best thing a homeowner can do for their tree after pruning has taken place.

Tree Fertilization through Fielding Tree and Shrub Care

Fielding Tree and Shrub Care offers tree fertilization for residents of south Denver and surrounding communities. Price is dependent on the size of tree and location on your property.

Do your trees need a healthy heaping of vitamins? Schedule a free estimate today!