Tree Planting

Invest in your property with Tree Planting

Using a professional tree service for your planting is a great way to add value to your property. Planting shade trees, evergreens, and fruit trees in the right areas around your home can add a variety of benefits:

  • Help control temperature
  • Increase privacy
  • Supply lush canopies in the high-altitude desert
  • Provide shade to enjoy
  • Cleanse the air around your property
  • Improve the appeal and value of your property
  • Produce delicious fruit for years to come.

An Arborist Tree Service That Knows Your Trees

Having your tree planted by a professional ISA-certified arborist can help ensure that your investment will be properly planted and correctly located for its species. Incorrectly placing young plants can lead to damaged trees. For example, a typical Birch or an Eastern Redbud tree thrives when it is planted in an area that is protected from drying winter west winds and scalding hot sun all year long.

The tree planting process involves a site and species consultation, pick-up and delivery of the chosen tree, and of course, the professional planting of the tree. Tree planting costs are associated with the wholesale price of the tree, trunk size, pick-up and delivery, and where the tree is to be planted on your property.

Fielding Tree Care performs tree planting from April 1st through June 30th. We perform an on-site consultation with you for proper site positioning and species selection for the tree being planted. We follow a thorough checklist to plant trees that includes proper access, no underground utilities in proposed area, and a properly routed irrigation system provided by customer. We only plant trees up to 2 1/2″ in caliber.

Irrigation and Fertilization are key to Tree Planting

We highly recommend having a properly installed irrigation system for your newly planted trees. Proper watering is extremely important to the health and growth of trees and shrubbery.

We also firmly believe that proper watering and applying tree fertilizer in spring and fall is essential for the healthy growth of your newly planted tree.