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5 Steps for choosing the right arborist or tree service in Denver

A qualified arborist or tree service specialist will perform tree work properly and safely, but you need to do your homework before starting any service. An unqualified person may further damage the tree and more importantly, they may not be properly insured, leaving the liability burden to you the client. Before you hire any arborist or tree care company, follow these six steps to protect your backside and get the right quality of service. The last thing you want to do is go out on a limb with the wrong tree company:


Want to remove your tree by yourself? Here’s what DIY tree removal is going to cost you

A massive dead oak tree haunts your backyard. It’s time to remove it, so you think, “I can handle this! Besides, how hard can tree removal be?”

Before you begin chopping or sawing away at that giant trunk of liability, you should consider how much it may cost you to do it yourself. The cost of safely and efficiently removing one dead tree may cost you far more than you may think. Let’s start with the basics:


You need the right equipment to get the job done.

How to spot, assess, and remove wind damaged trees

The winds have been howling in Colorado recently. Strong seasonal storms can cause a variety of wind damage, even unseen damage to trees. Here’s a quick guide to identifying, assessing, and removing wind damaged trees.

Step 1 – Assess all Wind Damaged Trees

Take a walk through your yard and look for fallen branches and debris. Check for broken branches that may still be hanging in the tree. If you suspect wind has compromised a tree’s trunk,